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"Working with Kim has been a truly enlightening journey for me personally. Her expertise in executive function coaching has not only helped me gain clarity and direction in life but also empowered me to take charge of my future. Kim's approach is refreshingly adaptable, tailoring strategies to suit my unique needs and circumstances. She's not just a coach; she's a compassionate guide who understands and supports me every step of the way. In fact, she's so good at what she does that I've reached a point where I feel confident navigating on my own. That's the mark of an exceptional coach. Highly recommended! Just be warned, you might not need her anymore once she works her magic!"

- 24 year old working professional


"I worked with Kim through my junior year of college at a time when my time management, motivation levels, and overall academic performance needed fixing. Very quickly, through her methods and our discussions, I noticed myself questioning and reshaping my attitude for the better. This didn’t just help my academic performance, but increased my overall self awareness and helped me gain clarity on what I value and really want to do in life. Through the rest of the year, she helped reinforce productive habits and because of her ability to understand me and my usually confusing brain, provided personalized guidance. I am extremely grateful to have started working with Kim, and would highly recommend her!"

- College student, Philosophy Major


"Working with Kim over these past two years has been one of the most life-changing interactions I have had the pleasure to experience. Not only did she meet me when I was at an academic and personal low, and raised my feelings of capability and motivation, but she has given me the tools to work through future lows in an easy-to-follow and effective way. Kim has helped me to create a toolbox full of skills for functioning in a way that supports not only my academic life, but my personal life as well. Without the work we've done together, my chronic procrastination and lack of motivation would rule my life. Huge thanks to Kim for the deep impression she's made on my mind and life; anyone who works with her would be lucky to do such."

- College student, Liberal Studies Major


"I worked with Kim throughout my college years. The work was hard at first but it kept getting easier. I gained confidence in not only my academic skills but also myself. She really brought out the writer in me. What was once a passing interest is now something I want to do professionally. I owe it to her for helping me cultivate this interest.  She comes with the highest recommendation from me. There is no one better at this task than her. She truly is that good."
- College graduate, BA in Film & Digital Media  

"My experience with Kim Tran has been nothing but positive, Kim works to the absolute best of her ability to support growth as a student and a person. Sessions are customized to my needs and feel very natural and easy, even if the material at hand is rather hard. She genuinely cares about her clients and will help anyone from any background succeed.

-College student, Computer Science Major

"I want to express how much I appreciated your sometimes Herculean efforts to help my son figure his academic future out. Thank you. For hanging in so long, for giving him your whole-hearted best, and for caring so much about him. I think the long term effects of all your efforts are still playing out, and I think he's better because of the time he spent with you."
-Parent of a college junior

"Kim has been such a positive force for my son. It’s so helpful for him to have a person who really 'gets' and sees him. How healing after all of the years in school when he was pushed to go 'faster.'"
- Parent of a high school senior

"Between 2017-2020, I worked over 1,000 hours with Kim. During that time, we developed ways to work with my cognitive and executive functioning challenges so that I could communicate and work more effectively. Kim was the catalyst to my needs getting legs and a voice. Because of our time together, I experienced significant improvements in streamlining my cognitive processes. The benefits I received from her were amplified by and a result of the many hours I spent with her. I would have continued working with her if not for some personal funding constraints. During our time together, Kim always put her best foot forward. She used the mundane tasks we did as natural learning opportunities. She was exceptional at leaving her biases at the door and being open to new ways to learn and work according to my specific needs. She could go into situations she wasn’t familiar with and expertly navigate the challenges. She always trusted and respected my need to go off the beaten path, while using the Socratic method to make sure I didn’t get too far off track. Because of her work with me, I was able to enter a program to get around the clock cognitive support. Even though we weren’t able to keep working together, I have carried forward my experiences with her. I would highly recommend Kim as an executive functioning specialist."

-College student, Environmental Science Major

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