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about me

The road to becoming an executive functioning coach has been a winding, complex, and meandering one. My own disorienting experiences of navigating my 20’s as a socially awkward, first generation, Vietnamese American, and highly anxious college student have allowed me to empathize with a lot of young adults out there - we share experiences of overcoming the confusion, frustration, self-doubt, struggle for belonging, and isolation that comes with being different and marginalized.


My Why for waking up and actively choosing this work over and over again stems from my strong urge to be the guide for others that I needed when I was frantically improvising my way through the pressures of adulting, school, and work. As a lifelong out-of-the-boxer, I understand the importance of self-compassion, courage, resourcefulness, community, and persistence. Giving myself the permission to embrace the process and freestyle life has led me to meet people from all over the world and learn their stories in various capacities - late-night barista, dedicated teaching assistant, peer major advisor, fellow study abroad student, active volunteer throughout my community, and clinical learning specialist working with neurodivergent students. Through all of this experimentation I found myself consistently gravitating toward working with young adults from all walks of life who are just starting to truly grapple with how powerful it is to possess unique perspectives and gifts.


What I’ve learned about embracing my own unique path so far has been so profound that I've remained inspired to make my life my message, to continue to repurpose what I’m learning about the beauty of diversity into fuel for helping others trailblaze their own pathways of meaningful education, work, and life.


Outside of work, I love exploring my new home of Seattle, practicing yoga, discovering new music, journaling for self-discovery, getting creative in the kitchen, and learning to fall in love with fiction again.

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