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Why Authenticity is a core part of my coaching practice: Aspiring to embody an authentic way of doing school and work helps us effectively set goals, prioritize, and plan. We feel more energized and confident working toward outcomes that matter to us. We feel more capable navigating future challenges as they come. Executive functioning coaching with me involves deeply intentional introspection about what matters in your life, a spirit of curiosity and experimentation, and constant fine-tuning to move closer to greater fulfillment.

Whether you're in school or transitioning into the work world, we typically go through at least one season of growth (one school term or a personal project) together, and then gradually fade support in subsequent seasons until you are ready to apply this life approach on your own.

1. start where you are

In our first couple of sessions, we'll explore how you can use your experiences, core values, and strengths to develop an authentic foundation and purposeful way of doing your 20's.

2. strategize a way forward

We then look ahead to what's on the horizon.

I take you through how to set yourself up for success using my 3S method:

  • See (visualize) what success looks and feels like.

  • Strategize for the entire cycle (i.e. set intentions, create identity-based goals, identify the most relevant skills & mindsets to focus on)

  • Systematize (i.e. calendar frontloading, organizing info, gathering tools)


Throughout the weeks, I guide you in the practice of using personalized systems, skills, and mindsets for trailblazing your own pathway to success. In this time, we work on the art of course-correcting when things don't go as planned.

         the essential toolkits:

Life Skills

  • time, & task management

  • organizational habits

  • rhythms & routines

  • independent living skills

Meaningful Learning Strategies

  • study skills

  • test taking skills

  • academic reading & writing skills

  • project management


  • finding support systems

  • self-advocacy skills

  • leveraging school resources

  • leveraging your strengths & self-awareness

  • research skills

  • problem solving strategies

  • assistive technology & apps

Authentic Foundation​​

  • core values

  • how you learn best

  • exploring your purpose

  • discovering your potential

  • identity-based habits

  • authentic goal-setting

Emotional Regulation

  • helpful mindsets

  • stress management

  • test anxiety management

4. the 4l retrospective

At the end of each term, we set aside time to celebrate your personal journey thus far. Through guided reflection, we discuss what you loved about the past quarter/semester, what you loathed (or at least, would not miss if it were absent in the next cycle), what your soul longed for, and what you learned about yourself and life itself. 

We gradually fade coaching support in subsequent seasons until you are ready to try free-styling life solo!

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