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I'm Kim (she/her), a virtual executive functioning (EF) coach and educational therapist based in Seattle, Washington. I work with students all over the states. I help students build the mindsets, systems, and learning strategies to do school with more ease, authenticity, and purpose.


My philosophy is pretty straightforward: Your education should be accessible, meaningful, and rewarding. Unfortunately, it's hard to experience this if you aren't using the right tools. Though your education experience may be overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating now, it doesn't mean you're at the point of no return. This is figure-out-able. My greatest hope is for you to walk away from our partnership owning your unique greatness and having the tools and confidence to do school your way, despite who society says you should be, what you should do, and how you should be in the world.

Who i work with

Client Focus: first generation, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, ADHD, 2e, and anxious college students and recent grads. 

I work with students who are:

  • having a hard time with studying for exams, starting and finishing assignments, and managing their time.

  • struggling with the adulting skills needed to maintain positive school-work-life balance.

  • worried about "getting it right" with narrowing down a major and career path.

I work with college graduates and professionals who are:

  • falling behind with the demands of their work responsibilities.

  • struggling to manage their personal finances and self care, due to their executive functioning challenges.

  • having communication issues with employers and coworkers.



  • 10 years of clinical experience working with neurodivergent students and working adults

  • 1 year of experience of college major advising 



  • Educational Therapist/Professional (ET/P)

  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Educational Therapy

  • M.S. Education Innovation & Technology​ - Specialization in Personalized Learning 

  • Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying™

  • Brain Frames®

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